The Lifebuoy is a kind of Power-Up that has only appeared in Chapter 2 of The Impossible Quiz Book. It's the last Power-Up to be introduced in the series, and by far the one that has appeared the least.

Bearing the name of "S.S. Impossible Ringpiece" written on it, this Power-Up serves as a protection for your lives counter. Clicking on one after obtaining it will place it on top of your number of lives. If you happen to get a question wrong, the Lifebuoy will burst, but your number of lives will be left intact. Thus, it essentially serves as an extra life.

This Power-Up was originally revealed in the "Instructions" section of Chapter 1, though its first real appearance was in Chapter 2. It was originally intended to be used in Chapter 3 as well, but in the end, it was replaced by a Fusestopper. This was partially due to the problems involved in fixing the glitches associated with the Lifebuoy, and partly because it wasn't particularly useful anyway.

How to get the Lifebuoy

The only obtainable Lifebuoy of the series is located in the beginning of the ZX Spectrum-inspired section of the game: you will be presented with a "Cassette-o-matic" and the word LOAD. In order to obtain the Lifebuoy, you have to type "lifebuoy" next to "LOAD", and after pressing the "Play" button you will instantly receive the Power-Up; you must do this before trying to load the following ten questions.


  • After getting a Game Over, a Lifebuoy will automatically appear in the empty slot, allowing you to equip it before obtaining the real Lifebuoy from the "Cassette-o-matic". Thus, it serves as an exploit, doubling the amount of lives you are able to protect.
  • Equipping the Lifebuoy with only one life left will render it completely useless; clicking a wrong answer will cause an instant Game Over, regardless of the Lifebuoy.

Prototype Lifebuoy


The prototype lifebuoy asset from Chapter 1

While the item did not appear in Chapter 1, it included a placeholder asset, which was much smaller and simpler than the finished version, with very different colours. The size difference is also reflected on the locked slots compared to the single locked lifebuoy in Chapter 2. The placeholder asset only read "S.S. Impossible", lacking the "Ringpiece" text.

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