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A Moron Mark is a checkpoint exclusive to the mobile versions of The Impossible Quiz and The Impossible Quiz 2. It appears as a blue background with a thumbs up in the middle, with the text underneath it saying MORON MARK! (CHECKPOINT).

You reach a Moron Mark every twenty questions. This means that in both mobile versions of the games, the Moron Marks are reached after completing Questions 20, 40, 60, 80 and finally 100. 

You only get a Moron Mark if you successfully complete the set of 20 questions without using any power-ups.


  • Splapp-Me-Do stated that the Moron Marks weren't his idea, and he doesn't like them either, since they make the games too easy.[1]
  • When you are presented with the screen of "Where would you like to restart from?" after getting a Game Over in any of the mobile versions, the background shows the Spangulated Codknacker from Question 27 of The Impossible Quiz Demo
  • If you use a Moron Mark on The Impossible Quiz 2, the life lost counter when you get your grade will still increase over the limit, meaning that using a Moron Mark multiple times would result in a F.


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