Power-ups help you in the quiz by letting you either skip questions, get rid of bombs, or get an extra life. In TIQ, there is 1 kind of power-up which is pretty much useless, but in TIQ2 there are 2 kinds of power-ups that are very useful, and in TIQB there are 3 kinds of power-ups, all of which are useful. In TIQ2 and TIQB, all the powerups are hidden in the quizzes and have to be found using special methods in order to obtain them.


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"Often mistaken for simple green arrows, these beasts allow you to skip one question." - TIQB instructions

Obviously, using a skip allows you to pass right by a question and move on to the next one without completing the question's task, but some questions are unskippable and must be completed.


A Skip power-up from The Impossible Quiz Book

In the first quiz, the Skip is pretty useless, because you need all seven of the skips obtainable to finish the last question, but in The Impossible Quiz 2 and The Impossible Quiz Book, the Skip is the most powerful power-up available.


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"Little purple semi-squishy, semi-robotic creatures that spend most of their lives asleep.They only awaken when they catch the smell of a burning bomb fuse...they can't stand it!- TIQB instructions


A Fuse Stopper power-up from TIQB.

When used, they get rid of bombs. This came out in TIQ2. Use them wisely.

Note: In Spatula Future, the Fusestopper replaced the Lifebuoy because Splapp-Me-Do realised that the Lifebuoy was 'not that good'.


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"So, you're 68% sure you know the answer to a question. But that still leaves you with a 32% chance of losing a life. It's a tough choice - what do you do, WHAT DO YOU DO?!"

 -TIQB: Chapter 2 instructions

The Impossible Quiz Book has both the Skip from The Impossible Quiz and the

A lifebuoy power-up

Fusestopper from The Impossible Quiz 2, but also features a new Power-up: the Lifebuoy (a glitch makes it possible to get it just by losing all the lives and retrying). This handy thing protects you from losing ONE life, and lasts until you answer a question wrong. You could say it's an extra live. Note: The lifebuoy does not work if you only have one live left, so use it at 2-5 lives if you want to use it.

  • An unlocked, awaken, fusestopper
  • An unlocked, sleeping, fusestopper
  • An unfound fusestopper
  • A locked fusestopper
  • An unlocked skip
  • An unfound skip
  • A locked skip
  • An unlocked lifebuoy
  • Oh buoy! An unfound lifebuoy
  • A locked lifebuoy


  • Skips make brief appearances in some episodes of Splapp's Badly Drawn Dawg series, namely in:
    • Season 2, Episode 1, in the very beggining, where the dog gets gets hit by a flying Skip.
    • Season 2, Episode 2, in a trash bag as an icon.
    • The Christmas Special. It's seen when Badly Drawn Lemur is digging through a trash can.
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