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Question 100 of The Impossible Quiz is the last one of the main questions, and a reference to the very first question of the game. It says "How many holes in two Polos?", with the question number flashing in different colours. The options are the same as in the first question: "One", "Two", "Three" and "Four".

This time, the question is actually referring to the Polo mints, which are small peppermint-flavoured mints with a long history. What's important here is that they're round sweets whose defining feature is the hole in the middle. If each Polo mint has only one hole, then two Polos will have two holes (one each), so the correct answer to this question is "Two".

Mobile Version

By answering this question correctly, you officially reach the fifth and final Moron Mark of the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz.


  • This is the last question in the Quiz where the correct answer is an option box.
  • The Option boxes from 'One' To 'Four' are written the same font used for Question 1 of this quiz
  • This is the only question where the question number changes.
  • This question is the only Question 100 that does not require a code.