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Question 101
TIQ2 - 101



10 seconds


"Frank Says" questions

Question 101 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the first question of Chris's Incredible 20. It is a 10-second bomb question. The upper part of the screen reads "Chris says...", while below you'll see Chris's angry-looking face (much like Frank during the "Frank says" questions), and next to him a speech balloon that says "Type the alphabet".

To complete the task, you have to type all of the letters from the English alphabet in order (from "A" to "Z"). There are 26 letters to type in 10 seconds, you need to type at the speed of at least 31 WPM (words per minute). One by one they'll appear on screen as you type them. If you accidentally miss one of them, none of the letters you type afterwards will count for the answer, which means you actually have to stop and look for the one you missed, and that will most probably lead to the bomb exploding.

Once you're done, the letters will scroll away, and a red hand will come in from the right giving a thumbs up. You'll then move on to the next question.

There's a glitch in this question where if you finish typing the alphabet exactly at the same time the bomb explodes, the bomb will cover a part of the screen briefly, before you're sent to the next question. This glitch is also present in Question 111.

Mobile version

Due to the lack of a keyboard, this question had to be removed entirely from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2. The original Question 102, where you had to move lots of stuff aside to reach a button with Chris's face, was placed as the first one of the Incredible 20.

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