The Impossible Quiz
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Question 102 from the Impossible Quiz is the second one of The Epic 10 questions. Once you reach this question, you're presented with a task that says "Touch the dots before they disappear!".

After this goes away, a single red dot will appear on the screen, slowly fading away; once you put your mouse (or finger) on it, it will go away, and another one will appear on a different spot. You have to keep hovering your cursor (or let go of your finger and then touch) over each of the dots before they fade away, otherwise you'll lose a life and the question will restart; eventually, small red squares will appear as well, but touching them will also take a life away from you and restart the whole question, so not only do you have to be quick so that the dots don't disappear, but you also have to avoid the squares in the process.

This question has 15 different groups of figures, one of them will only have a single small square around the top right corner. Make sure you don't touch it once it appears. After passing each of the 15 screens, a red hand giving a thumbs-up will appear on the screen, and you'll move on to the next question.

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