The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 102
TIQ2 - 102 (1)

Somewhat easy


7 seconds


Several characters by Splapp

Question 102 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the second question in Chris's Incredible 20. You're presented with what appears to be a paper with the message "lift me", with some paws inked in black and a few blood stains as well. There's also a bomb ticking down, starting at seven seconds.

TIQ2 - 102 (2)

The location of Chris's face.

What you have to do in order to proceed is to drag the paper away, and then do the same with every single layer that comes afterwards, those being a painting of the walking cylinder from Cylindrical Adventures and a fork, a black-and-yellow striped panel, a drawing of Frank, a CD case of "Spidermonkey's Greatest Sh*ts", and so on, until you remove a small glass pane under which you'll see Chris's face. Click it and you'll move on to the next question; it's a bit small, so make sure you click it in time.

Mobile version

Since Question 101 had to be removed from the iOS port of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 102-104 were moved to 101-103. Consequently, this question became 101, while the original Question 103 ("What colour is Chris's collar?") replaced the 102 spot.

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