The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 102 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the second question of the TIQB's third chapter, and it's themed after an unknown period of the Egyptian history. Questions following this theme will have their message and their options written entirely in hieroglyphs, which Splapp himself has made sure to be as accurate as possible with the transcriptions.

The task consists of hieroglyphs that look like a quail chick, a folded arm, a bread loaf (semicircle), a vulture and a human mouth (eye-shaped figure), and despite both the second and fourth ones representing different letters according to different sources, the task is meant to translate as "WATER". The possible options are hieroglyphs made out of a basket with handle, a zig-zag line, a horned viper, and a lion with an odd look on its face.

The correct option is the top right one with the zig-zag line, which looks like a ripple of water, so click it to proceed.

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