The Impossible Quiz
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Question 103 from the Impossible Quiz is the third one of The Epic 10 questions, and it's the seventh of nine questions that originated as an idea by Rabid-Coot (Etinogard). It is a searching question that once again features the "Vanish" liquid from Question 47 and Question 56, filling the screen and making your cursor invisible; this time, though, there's absolutely nothing in the middle of all that yellow liquid. You have to find something somewhere on the screen, except this time you can't see your mouse, you can't see that "something" you're looking for, and there's a 10-second bomb. What you're looking for this time is Dennis the Square Tomato, a character made by Splapp-Me-Do that belongs to one of his Flash animations. He's located above the third and fourth Skips starting from the left, slightly lower than the centre of the screen. After you put your mouse on him, he'll become visible, and you'll be able to click it and move on to the next question.


The location of Dennis (he's invisible until you put your mouse on him)

There are two known bugs in this question. In the first one of them, if you keep on pressing Dennis several times after the "Correct!" message appears, you will advance to Question 104 but skip it completely, moving on to Question 105. The second one has a more negative effect: if you use a Skip on this question, your cursor will actually remain invisible for the remainder of the Quiz, which isn't recommendable at all. (If you use the Skip before the cursor becomes invisible, it will stay visible for the rest of the game instead, and it will be visible again in Question 107)

Mobile Version

In the mobile version of the game, the question still has the same mechanism. However, although still hidden, Dennis is much larger and therefore easier to find. He is also lower on the screen.

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