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Question 103
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Question 103 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the third one of Chris's Incredible 20. It is an 8-second bomb question that says "What colour is Chris's collar?", with the possible answers being "Red", "Blue", "Green" and "He doesn't have one!".

Chris IQ2

Chris's red collar.

The answer to this question is "Red". It could be referring to the blood he has all over his face and neck, from the beating it took earlier in the Quiz, but it's most probably referring to his actual collar, which he's wearing in the Credits screen, accessible from the main menu.

Mobile version

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Since Question 101 had to be removed from the iOS release of The Impossible Quiz 2, Questions 102-104 were moved to 101-103, with this question becoming number 102. In turn, the original Question 104, where you had to clean seven incredibly dirty windows with your mouse, took the spot of number 103.

It's worth noting that the 15-second bomb from the original question was replaced by a 20-second one, making the task slightly easier than in the Flash version.


  • Question 119 from The Impossible Quiz Book features a corrupted version of this question, with a time rift making the question say "What colour is Chris's anus?". The correct answer is "He doesn't have one!", which was also an option here.
  • In the iOS version of the game, this question's bomb lasts 20 seconds, yet the instructions still say that bombs can last up to 15 seconds. This is also the only 20-second bomb question in the iOS version.
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