The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 103 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the third question of Chapter 3, and it's once again themed after the Prehistoric era.

You're asked "When was the Earth formed?", with the possible answers being "5 billion years ago" (the five written as tally marks), "69 B.C.", "Around lunch time" and "Dinosaur in a top hat!", the last option also containing a drawing of a quadrupedal dinosaur with a top hat making a funny face.

The correct option of this answer is the fourth one, "Dinosaur in a top hat!", probably because it is the funniest of all the options. Splapp has stated in a Tumblr post that it was "just because".


  • The option "Dinosaur in a hop hat!" returns in Questions 127 (Without the drawing) and 132. Notably, it's always in the bottom right.
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