The Impossible Quiz
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Question 104 of The Impossible Quiz is the fourth one of The Epic 10 questions. It is presented with a command that says "Do the OPPOSITE!", which will fade into a new message, saying "Don't click the small yellow happy sun.", and 12 drawings of suns and half moons of different sizes, colours and moods. It's a 10-second bomb question.

You're meant to do the opposite of what the task of the question tells you to do, so in this case, what you have to do is to "Click the big yellow sad moon.". Yellow remains the same because it technically doesn't have an opposite, even though it does have violet as its complementary colour (mixed together they become gray).


The big yellow sad moon is located on the bottom row, at the far right end of the screen. Click it in order to proceed. Just like the glitch of the previous question, if you repeatedly click the correct drawing even after the "Correct!" sign has appeared on screen, you'll completely skip Question 105 and move on to Question 106.

Another reason why the big yellow sad moon is the answer is because it is in the location opposite the small yellow happy sun (bottom right and top left).

Mobile version 

In the Mobile version, the "Do the Opposite!" message was removed, which makes this question significantly more difficult than the Flash version.

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