The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 105
TIQ2 - 105 (1)

Somewhat easy


10 seconds



Question 105 from the Impossible Quiz 2 is the fifth one of Chris's Incredible 20. It's a searching question, and has a 10-second bomb. You're presented with a completely black screen, with the task "Search!" on big letters on the upper part of the screen.

To complete this question, all you have to do is to click the question number and drag it away, revealing a light switch underneath. Clicking this will turn the lights on, revealing a picture of a yellow mongoose with its mouth wide open. It's probably just yawning, but there's a speech balloon next to it that reads "MY EYES! THEY BURN!", as if it was actually reacting to the sudden light.

The picture is taken from the deviantArt page of user Rabid-Coot (formerly called Etinogard), who has also helped with many questions in all quizzes.



  • The number on Chris's sign at the beginning of this question is upside down.
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