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Question 105 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the fifth question of Chapter 3, and the first one that sends the player to the time where the first Impossible Quiz was released, in 2007. The questions inspired by this particular era are presented in a similar way to the ones in the original Quiz: red question number, plain background and lavender-coloured option boxes with blue borders (though the screen overall looks more damaged and the background is more yellow with a few cracks and time scars).

You are presented with a variation of the first game's first question, which asked "How many holes in a polo?". This time around, however, the player is asked "How many holes in a TROLOLOL?". The "N" in the word "many" seems to have fallen right below the last option, for some reason (possibly due to the time travelling madness) The options, just like in the original, are all numbers from one to four, written in letters.

The question is actually asking you for how many holes there are in the word "TROLOLOL"; there is one in the "R", and one in each "O". (Note that unlike in the original question, the hole in the word "A" is not counted.) Therefore, the answer remains the same as in the original: "Four".


  • This is the first question whose screen displays visible damage as a result of Chris and Norman's time travel.
  • Unlike most returning questions from the first quiz, the message is written in black, rather than blue. This is also the case for Question 144.