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Question 106

Hard/Easy (cheating) Medium (mobile)



Question 106 from the Impossible Quiz is the sixth one of The Epic 10 questions, and the final maze question. Unlike the previous times, however, it is an actual maze, and with an even bigger twist. After putting your mouse on the red button on screen as indicated by the typical "Put the mouse on here" message, an aerial view of a road surrounded by a grassy terrain with a pond will pop up, with your mouse located right on the road. A new sign on the screen will tell you to "Keep on the ROAD!", before the screen starts scrolling down.

You simply must do as you were told: you have to keep your cursor on the pavement during the whole question, taking whichever path you need to avoid going off of it. If you touch anything other than the road, (even if you go off the screen), then not only will you have a life taken away from you, but you'll have to start the maze over. The map moves really fast, so be careful. As you're about to reach the end, the map will slow down its scrolling speed, until it comes to a halt. A small arrow will appear in the dead end of the road; click it to go to the next question.

The right-click menu cheat won't work in this question, since trying to use it will take a life away from you. The left-click hold cheat, however, works perfectly fine, so if you want, you can click and hold the left button of your mouse, which will let you move freely around the map during the whole question.

Mobile version

This challenge remains intact in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, with the difference that the map scrolls at a way slower pace than in the original Flash version. Also, it's impossible to cheat, since you have to hold your finger on the screen the whole time so that you don't lose a life. You can only lift your finger once you have reached the arrow-shaped button at the very end.


  • Strangely, there is a glitch in this question. Sometimes, even when the player puts the mouse down on the button, the maze does not appear. Rather, he/she will just lose a life. This has never been fixed.
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