The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 106 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the sixth question of Chapter 3, and the third Prehistory-themed question of the game. It asks the player "How do you make a dinosaur?". The possible choices are "Lego", "Meat and bones", "Kick it up the arse" and an addition of drawings of a dinosaur's parts (bones + eyes and teeth + blood + skin).

If the player takes the question literally, the answer could be either the second or the fourth option, or even the first one to an extent. However, the question is actually asking the player how do you make a dino soar, which sounds a lot like the word "dinosaur". The answer is then "Kick it up the arse", since it's a logical way of making a dinosaur soar through the skies. The question may alternatively be asking how you make a dino sore, and kicking anyone up the bum would make them sore, and quite sore indeed.

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