The Impossible Quiz
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Question 107 from The Impossible Quiz is the seventh one of The Epic 10 questions, and a rather suspicious-looking one: it simply asks you "How do you do?". The possible answers are "Fine.", "Not bad", "I am ingore U." and "No. Pwnd.". There is no bomb in sight, and the question is unskippable.

As soon as you try to select what you think is an appropriate way to answer, you will get a Game Over.

  • The question when completed
  • The question when failed

You'll probably ask yourself what the heck you did wrong, or tell yourself that you didn't do anything, or probably just swear. But what is really important in this question is that you wait for the Game Over screen to fade away, revealing a slightly different question screen: "You do well! It was a fake!". You'll then get the "Correct!" screen, and move on to the next question.

A hint is that the main Quiz music (the "Rocky" theme from the first 100 questions) won't start playing again like it would in an actual Game Over screen; the game will remain completely silent. That should be enough of a hint, unless playing the Lite version with no music. Additionally, if you have 2+ lives, the life counter will switch back to the real number quickly, hinting that you didn't actually lose your lives.

There are two very important things to remember while on this question:

  1. Do not click any of the options, unless you're playing the iOS version. If you try to click any of the options at any point during the question, you'll lose a life normally.
  2. Do not click "Try again?" in the fake Game Over screen. If you do, the fake Game Over screen will disappear, briefly letting you see the words "OH, YOU IDIOT!" in the question screen, before you get an actual Game Over, forcing you to start from the very beginning of the game again.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, this question and its mechanism are exactly the same. The difference is that you actually have to tap any of the options for the fake Game Over screen to appear. Also noteworthy is the fact that after the fake Game Over screen falls, everything there was in the question screen will disappear, only leaving the message "You do well! It was a fake!".


  • This is the last question in The Impossible Quiz that does not have a bomb.
  • The option "I am ingore u." is intentionally written poorly, with "you" shortened to just "u", "ignore" misspelled as "ingore", and the sentence structure being terrible overall.
  • This is the last question to have option boxes in the Quiz, and the second one in the Epic 10.
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