The Impossible Quiz
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Question 109 from the Impossible Quiz is the ninth one of The Epic 10 questions, and it's also a 10-second bomb question. You are presented with Spidermonkey, the character from Splapp-Me-Do's Flash animation "A New Breed of Hero"; more precisely, you're looking at his back, and he's the only clickable object on the screen.

What you have to do is to repeatedly click Spidermonkey's butt like there is no tomorrow. He'll move a little every time you do so, and eventually he will just poop. That's not all though: in order to actually proceed, you have to click the little arrow on the diarrhoea he just dropped. Sounds really simple, but you have to click his butt for a while in order for him to poop out the arrow.

Mobile version

In the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz, there's a glitch where you can still tap on Spidermonkey while on the "Correct!" screen that pops up right after answering the previous question.


  • You can actually mash the butt as soon as the 109 appears, if you're lucky enough to locate it. Having done so gives you more time to complete the question.
  • It is necessary to click Spidermonkey's butt 45 times to make him poop the arrow.
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