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Question 10
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Question 10 of The Impossible Quiz Demo, which was intended to be the tenth question of the never-released The Impossible Quiz Beta, contains a rather suspicious task: "Press 'Yes' to exit". The options you're given say "Yes", "No", "Exit" and "Cancel".

Techincally speaking, the question isn't lying to you: if you press "Yes", you will be taken out of the question, but right into the Game Over screen. If you would click "Exit" or "Cancel" once again the Game Over screen pops up and you lose. That leaves only one answer left, "No" which makes you deny the question's tricky request.

This is the first of only four questions of the game that was recreated as a proper question in The Impossible Quiz 2, appearing as number 74. The game even went as far as making the option "Yes" send you all the way back to the loading screen, making you lose your entire progress. In a way, this replicates the effect of getting a question wrong here in The Impossible Quiz Demo.

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