The Impossible Quizmas
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Question 10

Very easy

Special Attributes

Safe Question
Variable; 4 possible prompts


TIQ2 Question 5
Frank (character by Splapp)

Skip Location

Rewarded upon answering correctly

Question 10 of The Impossible Quizmas sees the return of "Frank Says" from The Impossible Quiz 2, with Frank appearing in the bottom right corner wearing a Santa hat and a scarf. As per usual, Frank will tell you to type certain letters, resulting in a funny picture at the end. Completing the question also earns you a Skip.

There are 4 possible prompts; Angles, Giblets, Halibut and Sprouts. There is no penalty for typing incorrectly.



  • The festive halibut was used in one of the "Soon" teasers for the game on Splapp's tumblr.
  • The angel was used in one of the release date countdown teasers on Splapp's tumblr.
  • The festive halibut is also one of the collectable Quizmas Presents available in the game.
  • The use of angel and angles pokes fun at a common spelling mistake, where people write "angles" instead of "angels" as the multiple of "angel".
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