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Question 110
TIQ2 - 110 (1)

Group 1: Hard
Group 2: Easy


15 seconds



Question 110 in The Impossible Quiz 2 is the tenth question of Chris's Incredible 20. It's a 15-second bomb question that gives you a very simple command: "Click the red square!". As soon as this message fades away, you'll then get different images made out of geometric figures of different kinds, sizes and colours.

All you have to do is to spot the only red square in each of the pictures and click it, sending you to the next picture and eventually to the following question. Some of the pictures are a bit tricky so you've got to pay attention during this question.

There are two possible groups of images you can get once you get here. The location of the red square in each of them has been marked with a circle.


Group 1

Group 2

Mobile version

Question 110 (iOS)
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10 seconds


Apple (company)

Since some of the red squares of the original question were disguised as other shapes within the pictures (requiring you to highlight them with your mouse in order to find their actual location), this question had to be replaced in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2.

A normal 10-second bomb question took this one's place, saying: "If you have hope in one hand and poop in the other, what's in your hand?". The possible options are "Hope", "An apple", "Poop" and "Dreams", and the correct one in this case is "An apple", referring to the fact that you are holding an Apple product In your hand.


  • The "110" on the sign Chris is holding before the question was written in blood or red paint.
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