The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 110 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the tenth question of the Book's third Chapter, and the second Egyptian-themed question. This time around, there is a 10-second bomb on the usual spot.

The task consists of hieroglyphs of a human foot, a rope tied in a noose, an owl and another foot. The options are hieroglyphs that consist of Chris's face, a Fusestopper, a Skip (drawn as they appear in the first Quiz) and Pac-Frank about to eat a few dots.

The answer is none of them however, as the hieroglyphs from the task translate as "Bomb", which means you have to click the bomb on the top right corner to proceed. This means you probably wouldn't have been able to use the Fusestopper here because you need the bomb to answer the question, even though you won't get the Fusestopper until Question 123.

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