The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 112
TIQB - 112
Time Period





10 seconds


Badly Drawn Dawg (character by Splapp)

Question 112 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twelfth question of the Book's third Chapter, and this time you're put in front of who appears to be Badly Drawn Dawg (though he has a really unusual face for some reason). He's just standing in the middle of a field. There is a dustbin, some bushes and a fence on sight in the background as well, but these are not important anyway. The point is that there's a 10-second bomb, as well as the task "Find the treasure!".

What you're meant to do here is to click the only clickable object in the whole screen: his arsehole. Notice how it is drawn as "X", which is the mark used in treasure maps to indicate the location of the hidden treasure. So put your mouse on there and click it; no need to be scared. As soon as you click it, he'll defecate a sack of pounds sterling, a disturbingly macabre grin on his face. You'll then proceed to the next question.

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