The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 113 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirteenth question of Chapter 3, and the first one of the game to take place on the Germany of World War II (some point between 1939 and 1945, precisely), where the ideology known by the name of Nazism was dominating the country. The battle field can be seen in the background, with a stormy weather, smoke and gun shots all over the place.

You're asked "Vhat do you call a Nazi hairdresser?", with the Nazi flags used as option boxes saying "Der Friseur", "Anusgesicht", "Herr Schnipp" and "Frau Granatapfel".

The correct answer is "Herr Schnipp", because it sounds like the words "hair snip", as in the snips or clippers used by barbers to cut people's hair.

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