The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 114 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the fourteenth question of Chapter 3, and the second one to bring you back to the era of the first Impossible Quiz, in 2007.

As you can expect, a familiar-looking scenario with a twist makes an appearance here. This time around, when you get here, you will see a platform rising from the lower part of the screen, with Chris on all fours sitting on it, as well as an empty vertical meter next to him. Put simple, this question is suspiciously similar to Question 68 from The Impossible Quiz, though there's a 10-second bomb now as well.

While in the original you had to stroke our buddy to fill the meter until he was satisfied, something so much as touching it here will create a paradox, since you're playing as Chris in this game and you would be directly interacting with yourself, altering the fabric of time. In other words, you do NOT stroke Chris, since trying to stroke him will erase him from existence in a rather disturbing way, therefore erasing every moment from Chris's life from that moment onwards including his current adventure (this Quiz), thus giving you a Game Over because you ARE Chris.

  • The question when failed.
    You just created a PARADOX!
  • Whoops...

What you HAVE to do here is to click somewhere around the platform's support. This will cause it to break and fall apart, letting Chris get away from his quadrupedal past self. He'll probably have hurt himself, but he's fine and healthy in his present form so he'll be able to move on with the game.


  • After stroking him, you can still click the platform to make it fall apart if you're quick enough to do so before the Game Over screen appears, and you'll move on to the next question anyway.
  • You can also just infinitely click the platform, resetting the falling animation with every click, and you won't be able to proceed until you stop pressing that mouse button.
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