The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 116
TIQB - 116
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Making of The Impossible Quiz Book - Chapter 3 (2011-2012)





Question 116 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the sixteenth question in Chapter 3, and a quite peculiar one: the entire screen (except for the lives and Power-ups) was written in pencil on a 3-hole lined paper. This particular question seems to take place during the creation process of this Chapter, judging by its content.

The game simply asks you, confused: "What happened?". The possible answers are "The Quiz's budget ran out", "The Paper Apocalypse", "Why did what happen?" and "SCIENCE" (written in big letters and underlined). There's a few other things like a time rift, a drawing of a little skull with bones above the second option and a little drawing of an anxious-looking Chris above the third option.

The correct one is "The Quiz's budget ran out", since apparently Splapp-Me-Do has spent the entirety of the Quiz's non-existent budget to create the rest of the questions, forcing him to draw upon a paper to fill this spot.

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