The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 117
TIQB - 117
Time Period

Nazi Germany / World War II (between 1939-1945)




Adolf Titler (character by Splapp)

Question 117 of The Impossible Quiz Book is the seventeenth question in Chapter 3, and the second one to send you to the Germany of World War II. It is also the chapter's only picture question. There is a picture of a tit with tidy hair-like feathers, an empty look, a square moustache on its tiny lower beak, a Nazi arm band on its tail feathers, and a painting brush with red paint on its bristles.

The German question asks you "Vhat iz dis?", with the possible answers being "Ein Vogel" (A bird), "Naturwißenschaften" (Natural Science), "Adolf Titler" and "Rektum".

If you look at it for a while, you will realise this tit is actually very reminiscent of the leader of the long-ago abolished Nazi Party and dictator of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler. Therefore, a very appropriate name for this creature would be "Adolf Titler".


  • Prior to the release of The Impossible Quizmas, this was the final picture question of the Impossible Quiz series.
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