The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 119 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the nineteenth question of the third chapter, and the first one to show problems with the space-time continuum. The background is an extremely corrupted version of the one from Chapter 1, while the question and its graphic style are taken from The Impossible Quiz 2, or to be more precise, from Chris's Incredible 20.

You're presented with a slightly altered version of Question 103 from the last Quiz; you're asked "What colour is Chris's anus?", the word "anus" (written in green Monochrome era letters) being the result of a time rift appearing on where the word "collar" was once located. The options are "Red", "Pink!" (written in pink letters, with a time rift on the option box itself), "Brown" and "He doesn't have one!".

The answer is "He doesn't have one!" because Chris' anus wasn't never seen in any of the games, so you can assume that he lacks an anus.

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