The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 11
TIQ2 - 11

Somewhat easy



Question 11 of The Impossible Quiz 2 is the first maze question of the game. Similarly to the previous Quiz, upon getting here, a red speech balloon will tell you to put your mouse on the green button it's pointing at with an arrow, located below the balloon. Doing so will make the rather simple maze appear on screen, consisting of a white pathway that branches into a short path to the left and an identical one to the right. Surrounding it there's only blue, along with a couple of messages that read "Don't touch blue!", "Don't drop the key!" (along with an arrow pointing at it) and the final and most important one, that says "...And don't try to CHEAT!".

The key is located at the end of the left path, and you must pick it up by clicking it and holding the left mouse button, before moving on to the right pathway, where there's a small keyhole. After getting the key and moving it to where the keyhole is, it will automatically open it, revealing a small green arrow-shaped button, glowing with the word "GO!" written on it. Once there, you can let go of the mouse button, which will lead you to the next question.

Letting go of the left mouse button at any point before reaching the keyhole will make you lose a life. Also, you really can't cheat in this question of the game, since right-clicking and then left-clicking out of the menu will take a life away from you anyway; you can't hold the left mouse button either, since you can't click until you have the key with you, plus it won't let you move around freely.

Mobile version

The game's question lineup was slightly changed in the iOS version of The Impossible Quiz 2. This question became Question 10, and Question 9 ("Evolve!") became the eleventh.

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