The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 11 of the Impossible Quiz Book asks "How many letters in assassins?", with the possible answers being "None", "4", "7" and "9".

Even though the word "assassins" has 9 letters, that's NOT the correct option. The answer in this case is "4", because the question isn't asking how many letters does the word have, but rather how many different letters are used to spell the word; in this case, "assassins" uses four different letters (a, s, i, n).


  • This question is very similar to Question 74 of Chapter 2, which asked "How many letters in settlers?". The answer in that case is actually "One", since "letter" is an anagram of "settler", which means the former appears only once within the latter word.
  • It's also very similar to the mobile version of Question 100 from The Impossible Quiz 2, where you were asked "How many letters in Mississippi?".
    • Incidentally, the correct answer, just like in this question, is "Four", since that's the amount of S's the word "Mississippi" has, or how many letters were used to spell it, just like in this question.
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