The Impossible Quiz Demo
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Question 11
Demo 11



"Where's Wally?"/"Where's Waldo?"

Question 11 of the Impossible Quiz Demo asks you "Where's Wally?" In the middle of a grass-covered area, there are some wooden walls as well as four clickable objects: a mushroom located in the bottom right corner, a piece of poop in the bottom left, a guy with a cane wearing a striped red and white shirt, and Mr. T, who can be seen on top of the wooden wall on the left side of the screen.

There is no trick on this question. There is no double meaning or hidden option that could make you think any of the other options was the correct one: Wally (or Waldo, if you prefer) is as always the person with the striped shirt in the middle of the screen! Click him, and you will proceed.

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