The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 123
TIQB - 123
Time Period

Ancient Rome





Fusestopper Location

Hidden in the bushes, above the "V" in "Lives".

Question 123 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-third question of the third chapter, and the first one to be themed after an unknown period of time of Roman history, showing pretty rock-cut architecture covered in vines and a beautiful clear sky. Questions with this theme will, for the most part, show Roman numerals, along with the standard words that use the whole English alphabet.

This task says "Click the largest", with the options you're given being "VII" (7), "XII" (12), "IV" (4) and "PIG", which obviously isn't a number.

While "XII" is larger than the rest of the numbers in the options, the truth is that it's not correct, though none of the rest are correct either. In fact, hovering your mouse around the question's task can reveal a couple of additional clickable options: the C's , the I, and the L's in "click" and "largest". Out of these two pairs of letters, only the C's in "click" are correct, since the C represents the number 100, which is bigger than all of the possible options. Click any of the C's and you'll proceed.

In this question, you can obtain the chapter's only Fusestopper, which is also the last one of the entire Impossible Quiz trilogy. To achieve this, you have to click on him; he's located right below the third option, beneath the bushes, above the 'V' in 'LIVES', where you can only see his wide-opened eye.


  • The question number, written in Roman numerals, says CXXIV, which translates as "124", even though this is the 123rd question. As stated by Splapp-Me-Do in his Tumblr page, this question was originally going to be number 124, though it ended up being pushed to the spot of the 123rd question, with Splapp forgetting to change the question number in the process.
  • The Fusestopper of this question reappears in the same spot in Question 149, but clicking on it won't do anything; it will just disappear without giving you anything, though you won't need it for the final question anyway.
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