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Question 124
TIQB - 124
Time Period

Clash between The Impossible Quiz 1 and TIQ2 (2007)




TIQ Question 4 and TIQ2 Question 37

Question 124 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-fourth question of Chapter 3, and the second instance of the game where two different Quizzes clash as a result of the time-travelling madness going on.

You're presented with a really damaged question screen that says "Click the answer" as the question task, with all four options labeled as "Out of order" in red letters; in other words, a scenario similar to that of Question 4 in the first Quiz. However, a few seconds after you get here, a big time rift will open on top of the task, and the word "Elephant" will pop right on it, in big red letters.

Notice how the whole screen becomes a clickable object. There's a reason for this: you don't have to interact with anything on the screen at any point, unless you want to lose your lives. All you have to do here is to move the mouse away for a few seconds (or simply place your mouse on the music button, which also works). After doing so, a circular shadow will appear on top of the option boxes, becoming progressively larger, until the elephant from the second Quiz's Question 37 once again falls from above, crashing face first into the ground and opening even more time scars. You will then proceed to the next question.

TIQB - 124 (2)

The question when completed.

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