The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 125 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-fifth question of Chapter 3, and judging by the spinning space background it seems like you're taken to the Modern video game era, which you have traversed during the last 20 questions of the second chapter.

You're presented with nothing but a single time crack located in the bottom right corner of the screen. No instructions are given, leaving you to figure this out on your own, with a 12-second bomb counting down as soon as you get here.

You have to click the time rift, which will make the head of a big green monster come out of it, its eyes slowly appearing by groups (3 groups in total) that make a total of 19 eyes. You have to click all of them before the time runs out. If you're successful, the monster will scream in agony as it leaves right through where it came from, and you'll proceed to the next question.


  • The question number isn't coloured lavender, unlike the majority of the numbers used in the questions of the Modern video game era. This was possibly done so it doesn't blend with the space background present in the question.
  • This question is similar to Question 20 of The Impossible Quiz 2, where you had to click all of the zits in Post-accident Slick's face before the bomb's timer ran out.
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