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Question 126
TIQB - 126
Time Period

Clash between Ancient Egypt and Ice Age





Question 126 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-sixth question of Chapter 3, and the third Egyptian-themed question. Unlike the previous time, there is no bomb around, though for some reason (probably because of the time-travelling madness going on) it's snowing in here.

The task contains hieroglyphs of a quail chick, a bread loaf (semicircle) and a horned viper, and it translates to "WTF". The possible options are words also written in hieroglyphs; the description of the hieroglyphs and their translations as seen below are 100% accurate[1]:

  • Folded cloth - ripple of water - rope - quail chick ("SNOW").
  • Human mouth - vulture - reed - ripple of water ("RAIN").
  • Quail chick - reed - ripple of water - hand ("WIND").
  • Stool - reed - folded cloth - folded cloth ("PISS").

Since the question is surprised of suddenly seeing snow in the middle of Egypt, the correct answer is the top left one, which translates as "Snow".

You won't visit the Egyptian era again until Question 146, exactly twenty questions after this one, where the amount of fallen snow will be covering more than half of the screen, rising at a fast pace.


  • This is the only Egyptian-themed question in which the option boxes have words written in hieroglyphs.


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