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Question 127
TIQB - 127
Time Period

Prehistory (millions of years ago)




"Jurassic Park" (film) / "Barney and Friends" (kids` show) / Chapter 3; Question 103

Question 127 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-seventh question of the third Chapter, and the fourth one to take place in the Prehistoric era.

This time, you're asked "What is the prequel to Jurassic Park called?". Possible answers are "Barney and Friends", "Triassic Garden", "Hook" and "Dinosaur in a top hat!".

The correct answer is "Triassic Garden". Considering it is a prequel to "Jurassic Park", it should take place in the geologic period that preceeded the Jurassic period, which is the Triassic one; moreover, a park is obviously built on top of a big plain area, which is why a garden would be perfect for that prequel.


  • This is one of three questions in The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 to have the possible answer "Dinosaur in a top hat!" The others being Question 103 and Question 132.
    • This is also the only question of the three where the option "Dinosaur in a top hat!" does not have the drawing of the funny-looking dinosaur wearing a top hat.
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