The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 128 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the twenty-eighth question of the Book's third chapter, and the second Roman-themed question. The task in this case consists of an addition written in letters, saying "Five hvndered plvs ten".

Since Roman people used to carve letters in stone and round symbols were quite hard to do (plus Latin didn't have a "u" letter to begin with), the "v" would be also used as "u", which means the task must be read as "Five hundred plus ten". The answer choices you're given might all look like emoticons at first, but one of the options is also a roman numeral: "DX" is 510. "XD" could be interpreted as 490 (though that would actually be written as "CDXC"), while "XP" and "8D" are invalid.

The result of the addition is 510, which means the answer in this case is the top left option, "DX".

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