The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 130 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirtieth question of the Book's third chapter, and the second one that brings you back to the Modern video game era used through the last 20 questions of Chapter 2.

The question asks you "Are any of these answers correct?"; the problem, however, is that none of the four option boxes below has been completely built. You have to repeatedly click each one of them, further building them with every click, and then see what's their content when they're lighted up.

The top left option will say "Nope", the top right one will have "No, sir", the bottom right one will be "Unlikely!", and the bottom left option will contain "Nah", as well as a little message below that says "Click the question number".

Just like you were told, none of the options are correct, since all you have to do is to click the question number on the top left corner of the screen. Click it, and you will proceed immediately.


  • This is the opposite of Question 37 from The Impossible Quiz, where you were asked if you could get that question wrong, to which all of the four options said that you wouldn't. As such, they were all right, whereas in this one, all of the options are wrong.
TIQB - 130 (2)

The question after building all of the options.

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