The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 131 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-first question of the third Chapter, and seems to take place during the moment where Badly Drawn Dawg and Badly Drawn Bitch meet each other for the first time, in the first episode of series 3 ("Bitch").

They're standing next to each other, barking as you get to this question, and there's a 10-second bomb. The question's command is "Now's your chance! Wipe dogs out of existence!". After a couple of seconds, the dogs will cease their barking and the command disappears, leaving you in a frenzied attempt to escape from this question.

Just like the task told you, you have to erase them from the timeline. It's certainly not a simple feat to accomplish, though it's actually easier than you think: all you have to do is to move your mouse on them for a while, progressively making them transparent, until eventually they will just vanish in a "Pop!" and disappear completely from history. After they're gone, you'll move on to the next question.

A suggested method is to try and wipe both dogs at the same time, which requires a bit more effort but saves plenty of time and is more effective. Using circular movements can also be helpful, though you can always use the Fusestopper as a last resort here.



Picture of this question with a longer bomb.

  • Even though they are completely erased from the timeline, the dogs still appear in the ending sequence, along with all the rest of the Quiz elements that were sucked in by the black hole. The result is the same though, since they are wiped out of existence anyway.
    • According to Splapp, Badly Drawn Dawg and his family will most likely turn up again at any point in the future (probably for a new "Badly Drawn Dawg" series), though he hasn't got any project involving them at the moment. They did turn up on Question 19 of The Impossible Quizmas.
  • On his Tumblr page, Splapp posted a picture of an edited version of this question with a long 20-second bomb instead of the normal 10-second one, in response to an anonymous request that urged him to "make the bomb longer" due to not being able to wipe the dogs out in time. The one who asked this question was TIQ Wiki user Colgatepony234.
  • The bomb doesn't stop when the dogs are wiped out, meaning it's still possible to get a Game Over if the dogs are exterminated too late.
  • This question does not have the usual "clock" transition in front of it. It could probably be a game error.
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