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Question 132
TIQB - 132
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TIQ, TIQ 2 and all chapters of TIQB (2007-2012)




Several preceding questions in the series

Question 132 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-second question of the third Chapter, and the third one to demonstrate the clash between the different Impossible Quizzes. More importantly, this question spans the entirety of the main games of the TIQ series, containing references to each of them.

You're presented with a "task" written in the green letters used through the Monochrome video game era of Chapter 2; a rather weird message that consists of random characters and symbols that do not make any kind of sense:

TH_TN♥GE.EXE 5236 415667_OXXE:.... ERRORZ..........

It looks like time is so heavily damaged at this point that the questions are beginning to lose any kind of surreal logic, even more so considering that the options of this question belong to different questions from the past Quizzes:

  • The first option is "Australia", which comes from Question 66 of the first Quiz.
  • The second option is "Grapes", which is blinking in a red light for some reason, and belongs in Question 43 from the Book's Chapter 1.
  • The third option is "Nothing", which is taken from Question 10 of The Impossible Quiz 2.
  • The final option says "Dinosaur in a top hat!", also containing the carving of a funny looking dinosaur wearing a top hat, and it's taken from this chapter's Question 103.

The correct option of this question is "Australia", though there is no reason as for why it is so. It all comes down to guessing here, and even Splapp admits that it's meant to be like that.


  • The question number seems to belong in a Prehistoric era question, even though this is not a Prehistory-themed one.
  • The task's code is slightly misleading due to the stylised font. The source text is as follows: Th_tn@Ge.exe 5236 415667_oxxe:.... ERRORz..........

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