The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 134 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-fourth question of Chapter 3, and the fifth one inspired by the Prehistoric era. In this occasion, there are vines all over the question screen, which means you're forced to move them away to be able to read the question at all, while a 10-second bomb puts even more pressure on you.

The question says "Where was Triassic Garden filmed?", referring to the hypotethical prequel to the 1993 multi-award winning film "Jurassic Park", according to Question 127 from this Chapter. The options you're given are "America", "Pangaea", "It was a book" and "Gondwanaland".

While it could have been "Pangaea", which is the name of the supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mezosoic eras (approximately 300 million years ago), the correct answer is "Gondwanaland", which is the former name of "Gondwana", one of the two supercontinents that originated as the result of Pangaea's break-up, which was mostly during the Jurassic era.

A possible reason why "Gondwanaland" is the answer instead of "Pangaea" is that Gondwanaland was a separate territory before joining Pangaea in the Paleozoic era, preceeding the Mezosoic era (which starts with the Triassic period).

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