The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 138
TIQB - 138
Time Period

The Impossible Quiz (2007)


Very hard


10 seconds


TIQ Question 59 / "Shoop da Whoop" (meme)

Question 138 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-eighth question of the third Chapter, and the fourth one to bring you back to the era of The Impossible Quiz, in 2007. As such, a familiar-looking scenario from the first Quiz with a twist is presented to you.

This time, you're presented with what appears to be Question 59 from the first Quiz. A 10-second bomb lurks at the top right corner of the screen, with the task "Charge ur lazer!" on the top left corner, next to the question number. On the opposite end, there's the black circle with the "Shoop Da Whoop" meme face, waiting for you to do something.

  • The question when completed.
  • The question when failed.

Notice how the circle is facing the question number, instead of the bomb like in the original. Charging the lazer won't be too much of a hassle, but if you do, then you will unintentionally shoot the lazer to the little red hole opening located right above the question number, opening it and making it engulf the entire screen, giving you a Game Over.

As you may have figured out by now, every returning question from previous Quizzes had a completely unexpected twist. This is no exception: when you first put your mouse on his face, you will probably hear him purring. If you played through Question 68 of the first Quiz, you might recognise that the purring is the same as Chris the Cat's during that specific question, and there's a good reason for that. What it trying to tell you through this is that he likes being stroked, so what you have to do in here is to move your mouse all over its face for a while. Preferentially in a circular fashion, since it's faster and easier to please him like that. It is highly recommended that you save a Fusestopper for this question if you don't make quick movements.

If you make it in time, the bomb will stop ticking down and it will purr again in delight before graciously opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue, hammered on which there's an arrow-shaped sign with the word "Click!" on it. Click on it, and you'll proceed to the following question.


  • If you charge up the lazer, you will notice how Splapp has added a glowing effect on its mouth, which shines even stronger the closer you get to firing it.
  • If you manage to complete the task immediately after the bomb blows up, the screen will lock on the Game Over screen but you will be able to press the "Click!" arrow and proceed normally anyways.
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