The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 139 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the thirty-ninth question of the Book's third chapter, and the first one to bring the player to a new age in this game: the Industrial Revolution. This theme is characterised by the gold-made machinery, with both the questions and the options being written on gold plates with lights on the options, and a complex pipe system on the background made out of the same material.

Here, the you're asked "Which age is the best age?", with the possible answers being "Stone", "Bronze", "Iron" and "Bond". The correct one of these is "Bond", since it can be joined with the word "age", thus creating the word "bondage", which refers to a sexual practice where one of the people involved will physically restrain him-/herself or their partner simply for better pleasure... which might or might not be of your liking, of course; we will leave that up to you.

In short, click "Bond" to move on to the next question.

In this question, you can earn the game's final Power-up, a Skip. All you have to do is to click the valve, located on the pipe to the right of the question, and you'll be rewarded with it.

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