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Question 140 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the fortieth question of the Book's third Chapter, and the second one of the game where all of the Quizzes clash together, creating a messed-up question that spans from the first Quiz in 2007 all the way to the current Book Chapter in 2012.

You're presented with what appears to be a corrupted version of Question 62 from The Impossible Quiz 2, which said "Which cheese is made backwards?", with time rifts on the sides of the screen and the paint used for the question number wearing off.

TIQB - 140 (2)

A different still of the question, displaying the correct answer.

The twist of this returning question is that each of the four options rotates between different option boxes belonging to questions from all of the main Quizzes of the series, including the four of the original question in their corresponding places. Below is a list containing all of the options and their origins:




  • "Edam", from the original question.
  • "Ballet bun", from Question 28 in the first Quiz.
  • The hieroglyphs that translate as "PISS", from this Chapter's Question 126.
  • "XP", from this Chapter's Question 128.


  • "Ba ba ba, ba Babybel", from the original question.
  • "Do not abbreviate", from Question 83 of the first Quiz.
  • "Barney and Friends", from this Chapter's Question 127.
  • Surprised emoticon (":o"), from Question 15 of Chapter 1.

The correct one out of all of these options is "Edam", because it is "made backwards" (i.e., the word "made" with the order of the letters reversed). This option is still located in the bottom left corner, though the timing is key to correctly answering this question. Click on "Edam" whenever it appears and you'll proceed.


  • Following the Quizzes' release years and their respective question lineups, the earliest option of the timeline is "Ballet bun" (from Question 28 in TIQ), and the latest and most recent option would be "Nah Click the question number" (from Question 130 in this Chapter).
  • Highlighting "B", on the top right rotating options, will produce a guitar string sound effect, just like it does in its original question. It's more noticeable with the music turned off.
  • Out of the 16 available options, the only one that was the correct answer of its original question (besides "Edam" in the question that inspired this one) was "Mary rose" from the original Question 38 in The Impossible Quiz.
  • The option boxes taken from the first quiz don't seem to be damaged unlike the ones from the returning questions from this chapter.
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