The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 143 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-third question of Chapter 3, and the second and final one to have the Industrial Revolution theme (that is, not taking into account the individual traits of this era appearing on questions that mix different periods of time). Everything seems calm and stable here, probably because this era hasn't yet been affected by the damaging of the space-time continuum, contrary to the Impossible Quiz era.

This time, you're asked "Who invented the steam engine?", with the possible options being "Hero of Alexandria", "George Stephenson", "Gabe Newell" and "Jesus H. Christ".

The answer is NOT "George Stephenson", because he was the creator of the first public inter-city railway for steam locomotives, rather than the creator of said locomotives. "Hero of Alexandria" is NOT right either, because he described and developed steam-powered devices, but he didn't invent any kind of steam-powered engine. The truth is that the question isn't even talking about the steam engine per se, which has a long story that dates from even earlier than the Industrial Revolution.

This question is actually referring to the creation of Steam, a digital media platform that is used mostly for game distribution. Said platform was created by video game developing company Valve, one of the co-founders of which spent several months focusing of the creation of Steam. The name of this co-founder, and perhaps one of the most well-known staff members, is Gabe Newell, which means that in order to move on to the following question, the correct answer is "Gabe Newell".

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