The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 145
TIQB - 145
Time Period

Nazi Germany / World War II (between 1939-1945)





Question 145 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-fifth question of Chapter 3, and the fourth and last question to revisit the still stable Germany of World War II, before the separate time eras inevitably clash all together, just like the different Quizzes did in the contemporary era.

This time, the question doesn't even bother trying to talk in English anymore, asking you something completely in German: "Was ist dein Lieblingsfarbe?". The potential answers are in German as well, and they're "Rot!", "Gelb!", "Grün!" and "Weiß!".

In case German's not your native language and you weren't lucky/interested enough to ever learn it, you should know that the question simply asks "What is your favourite colour?" (although the correct grammar would be "Was ist deine Lieblingsfarbe?"), with the options meaning "Red!", "Yellow!", "Green" and "White!".

The correct one of these is "Rot!" ("Red!"), possibly because it's the predominant colour of the time era (just like light-brown was in Question 113 in Chris's Incredible 20 from the second Quiz), or maybe because it's the colour of blood, which is one of the things the participants of the World War II saw a lot, or it could be because it is Chris's collar colour.


  • This is the last question that is not visibly damaged in any way by Chris and Norman's time travel.
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