The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 146 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-sixth question of the Book's third chapter, and the fourth and final Egyptian-themed question of the game. Exactly twenty questions have passed since the last Egyptian-themed question (number 126), where it was snowing all of a sudden, and after getting here, you will find out the amount of falling snow is so huge that over half of the question's screen has been covered by it.

Unlike the previous questions in the Egyptian era, there is no specific word made out of hieroglyphs for the question's task; rather, it displays 8 exclamation marks written on succession. There are no available options (since the snow has covered all of them), and there is a 10-second bomb.

To proceed, you must rapidly press or hold the exclamation mark key, since it is the only thing that the question could be asking you to do. You don't need to hold the Shift key; just press the key that would introduce the symbol if you were pressing Shift (it's usually "1"), and after a while you'll be sent to the following question. You have to be careful not to press the Tab key during this question, as the Tab key is very close to the "!" key.


  • This is the last question in The Impossible Quiz Book in which keyboard input is required.
  • This is the last question in the entire Impossible Quiz series where the Fusestopper can be used.
    • If you use it, you will see that the snow never reaches the top of the screen; instead, it will just reach a certain height and then reset to the height it had when you first got here, endlessly jumping back every time it reaches the top of the screen.
  • The exclamation marks could also mean the question is afraid that the snow could cause a problem.
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