The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 148 of the Impossible Quiz Book is the forty-eighth question of the Book's third chapter, and certainly the most heavily destroyed question of the game (except Question 150), returning for a seventh and final time to the era of The Impossible Quiz in 2007. The lava seen not so long ago in Questions 142 and 144 is rising dangerously quickly, nearly covering the lower half of the screen here.

The question number can be briefly seen being carried away by the lava, along with many elements that belong in different questions of the first Quiz, and the plain background is almost completely gone, leaving vast darkness, time rifts, and a huge one-word question which ominously hints at your task: "REMEMBER?" (which sinks into the lava by the way). A 10-second bomb puts a not-so-friendly ultimatum to your time for solving this question, and just like in the previous questions with the lava, the Fusestopper won't wake up here, leaving you on your own facing the consequences of Chris's and Norman's actions.

Among the items floating in the lava, you can see four buttons of different colours: a yellow one, a green one, a red one and a blue one. These are the only clickable objects of the question (not counting the agonizing option box and the one whose head is inside the lava, both in the background). This can only mean one thing: in order to proceed, you must remember the colour code presented in Question 50 of the first game. You won't be allowed to make any further progress if you don't remember this code, unless you use your Skip here.

In other words, to proceed you must press the buttons following said colour code: press the blue button, then the red one, then blue again, and finally yellow. You have got to be quick, because around the 3 second mark, the yellow button will leave through the left edge of the screen, automatically making this question impossible to complete without using the Skip.


  • This is the last bomb question in The Impossible Quiz Book.
  • There is a glitch in this question. After the bomb takes less time the question number reappears back.
  • Elements from the original Quiz that can be seen floating in the lava, beside the coloured buttons, include:
    • A puzzle piece from Question 44.
    • A yellow paint can, from Question 19.
    • An option box that says "Black pudding", from Question 25.
    • A "42", from Question 42.
    • The sign with a "3" and an elephant head drawing, from Question 34.
    • The square root of "Onion", from Question 6.
    • The funny-looking carrot from Question 52.
    • An option box that says "I am ingore U.", from Question 107 in The Epic 10.
    • The letters "A", "B", "J", and "K" written in the blue colour used for the text of most options in the first Quiz.
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