The Impossible Quiz 2
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Question 14
TIQ2 - 14


Special Attributes

Safe Question



Question 14 of The Impossible Quiz 2 contains no actual question or task on screen; instead, it only contains a red background with small empty spaces, as well as four little dots of different colours. There is no bomb on screen, and there's nothing in this question that could make you lose a life.

If you try to click the dots, you might notice that they are movable objects and realise you actually have to drag them around instead. By doing so, you will make some seemingly random dark red stains slide into view. What you have to do is to place these "groups" of joined stains into the empty white spaces, transforming them into actual letters and words.

After messing around for a while trying to fit everything together, you should be able to reveal the question's real task, which says "Click the question number twice". So in order to proceed to the following question, press the 14 on the question number twice and you'll be on your way.

TIQ2 - 14 (2)

The solution to the puzzle.

It's not obligatory to solve the puzzle in this question, unless you really don't know what to do, obviously. You can just click the question number twice right away after getting here and you'll proceed anyway.


  • When one hovers over the question number in preparation for clicking it, the cursor (hand) showing that it is clickable will not appear. This is the only known clickable answer element in the series that does not display the hand.
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