The Impossible Quiz Book
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Question 14 of The Impossible Quiz Book will put your reflexes to the test. When you get here, you'll see three suspension points appear on screen, before a random word appears on screen for a second before disappearing; right afterwards, you will see Chris's hands coming one from each side of the screen, holding a different object in each of them.

What you have to do is to quickly click the hand holding the object stated by the word that appeared earlier. If you click the wrong one, or don't reach the correct one before the hands disappear, then a big word will appear on the screen, yelling "Too late!" or "NO" and you will lose a life and the question will reset, having to show you the sequence again. If you click the correct one in time, you'll be sent to the next question.

There are three possible variations of this question you could get:

  • One of them will feature the word "PIGEON" written in blue. The left hand will be holding the pigeon from its neck, while the right one will have a Ring-tailed Lemur grabbed from its tail (the lemur being off-screen).
  • Another variation will show you the word "DOLPHIN" written in orange letters. The left hand will be holding the dolphin, while the other one will have a pickle.
  • The last one has the word "FORK" in gray letters. The dirty fork will be located in the right hand, while the left one will be holding an even dirtier spoon.


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